• How well are some young people doing by playing games? Pretty good
  • Where do they make their money? Twitch TV
  • What impact has their success had? It’s opened up new jobs for people who are funny and like playing games
  • How many viewers has Elliott Watkins had on youtube? 9,000,000
  • How do you make money on youtube and how much can you make? Ads, subscriber count and view count and donations. Anywhere up to 2,000,000 a year.
  • What do video game players tend to also be? introverts, Viewers of Streamers and let’s players
  • What is the average age of video gamesters? 33 years old
  • What prize money is being offered for the battle of Dota? $22,000,000
  • What is twitch.tv? A website dedicated to allowing people to live footage of something happening
  • How do you make money with twitch.tv? Ads, subscribers and Donations
  • What games does Sarah play to make money? Shooters like Call of Duty and Counter Strike
  • How much money does she make? $3.35 per sub plus tips/donations


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