Me and Games Answers


When did you first start playing computer games?

Ever since i can remember.

What were your first games?

SpiderMan: The Movie – The Game.

What are your favourite games now? Why?

Fallout 3 because it has an amazing sense of freedom and immersion, Far-cry 3 because its main character has the most convincing personality arch in recent video game history and Amnesia: The Dark Decent because it has far batter immersion and atmosphere than any other game I’ve seen for long time and most importantly its scary without being comical.

How have games that you play changed over time? Why?

The Elder Scrolls, Deus Ex, Call of Duty and Halo. Mostly because the demand for better graphics and performance has for some stupid reason over ruled the need for a convincing plot and solid game play. Some of these games were a LOT better when they were mostly story and game play focused however this is not me rambling on about how games are crap now, i simply want to more innovative, better stories or more plot-focused games.

What hardware do you have at home to play games?

Xbox 360 and PC

What is your favourite device for playing games?




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